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Thank You For Your Support!

We will continue to add more information and ways for you to help in the next few weeks! Please tell your friends how they can help!

How We Prevent Human Trafficking

Manna Freedom works to prevent human trafficking.  One of the ways we do this is to make sure that orphans in Eastern Europe get the education and support that they need to be successful in life.  The Smile House and Bridge to Life Homes take in these kids and help give them options other than living on the streets.

Manna Freedom works to raise money for different projects in Eastern Europe that help these children.  We have just begun using Friends Asking Friends, which is an internet fund-raising campaign that you can be actively involved with!  You can create a fundraiser as a “team lead” that links to ours.  This allows you to set a goal and share with your friends to help you meet that goal!

There are two major fund-raising opportunities that Manna Freedom is currently organizing.  The first is for $2,000 USD for the Smile House to buy a computer and projector.  They will start housing kids very soon, and they need these resources to help with tutoring and education.   You can give to this project, start your own fundraiser as a team lead, or simply share this opportunity with your friends.

Vladimir and Nadia Rezmer – Smile House Parents!
Vladimir and Nadia Rezmer – Smile House Parents!




Smile House Computer Fundraiser





The second opportunity is for a child name Nikita who was adopted by a family with a heart for kids with major health issues.  Nikita is 6 years old and has damage to his esophagus due to ingesting a chemical when he was younger.  This makes it difficult for him to eat and breathe.  His family is in need of $10,000 USD for the surgeries he needs to correct this issue.  Families like this take in children that have a difficult time being adopted.  We need to support their personal ministry and help them get the finances they need to take care of Nikita.

Nikita and his family.
Nikita and his family.





Nikita’s Surgery







We are needing several teams to help us reach these goals.  If you are interested in joining our Friends Asking Friends campaign as a team lead, please email us at