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Santa Claus and ways to prevent human trafficking?

Santa Claus – Ancient Warrior fights to prevent human trafficking.

Just a brief note to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and interject a tidbit of interesting history. Evidently, Saint Nicholas, the legend behind Santa Claus, was not only a respected church elder, but was persecuted for his faith and worked to prevent human trafficking of children in Asia Minor. Sacrificially redeeming girls from a sure life of indentured servitude and rescuing boys from labor slavery, he truly was an ancient human trafficking abolitionist.

Read a brief history here: History of Saint Nicholas

Actor Kirk Cameron interviews scholar and historian William Federer . . . listen for classic evidences of human trafficking taking place in the ancient world and how Saint Nicholas intervenes for at-risk children: William Federer Interview

Many of the traditions surrounding Santa Claus and his connection to Christmas, gift giving and the birth of our Savior may be debatable or even seem dubious. But the bottom line is this, Saint Nicholas was a real persecuted Christian who risked his life and livelihood to save children from human traffickers. Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) was an ancient champion trying to prevent human trafficking and we should strive to do the same by ending modern day slavery. It IS possible to prevent human trafficking with awareness, resources and the strength of healthy families. Help us accomplish this goal this Christmas by giving to support our work: Donate Here To Prevent Human Trafficking

Thank you and Merry Christmas!