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Prevent human trafficking in Ukraine.

MANNA Worldwide is working to prevent human trafficking in Ukraine.

Artist’s Concept of Family Type Home in Ukraine
Artist’s Concept of Family Type Home in Ukraine

MANNA Worldwide

Our organization is a faith-based mission, a team of professionals working together to relieve suffering and rebuild communities around the world.  We focus our efforts on relieving the suffering of those in extreme poverty and start with the children in those environments.  Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and then restore communities in order to break the cycle of poverty through the outreach of individuals, organizations and businesses that really want to make a difference.

We have been operating for 14 years and have enjoyed growth in double digits from the first day until now.  We started feeding 10 children in Manila and now operate over 140 centers in 40+ countries, including feeding centers, orphanages, schools, clinics, water well drilling, resources to prevent human trafficking and small business development.

You can see some of our work here: MANNA Overview

Our financial goals are centered around high ethical principles, high accountability and transparency.  Our commitment is to ensure that more than 90% of all funding goes directly to field services and for the last 14 years we have exceeded 94% with very low overhead.  All Directors are self funded (we do not receive salaries) and raise their own support and most of our facilities around the world are built by volunteer labor. In this way our donors are actively involved in every project in a very hands on fashion. We are members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and have an A+ rating with the BBB. See our financials here: IRS Form 990

MANNA Freedom has a plan to prevent human trafficking in Ukraine.

MANNA Freedom

Our outreach in Eastern Europe concentrates mainly on working to prevent human trafficking of at-risk orphans and street children. Bridge To Life Homes is our organization’s approach to build and operate family type homes with Christian house parents who can help these children transition from institutional life or traumatic life situations into normal family environments. By providing stable shelter, social adjustment, moral and ethical guidance and educational tools to equip these young people for successful life integration, we have seen great progress in our efforts to prevent human trafficking in Ukraine.

The tension in Ukraine right now coupled with the eroding family environment is creating a sense of need and urgency to help more children and communities in the region. We have had multiple requests from government officials in Kiev, organizations in the east and families on the Crimean peninsula to assist with the growing need to house at-risk children. Our current facilities are full and we must expand.

Families and homes prevent human trafficking in Ukraine.

We are currently pursuing a land grant that will allow us to build 10-12 new homes and have committed sponsors to begin construction immediately upon land acquisition. As soon as the resources are available, we will move forward with this project in Ukraine. The goal is to build a protected children’s village consisting of 8-10 homes, a community center and independent living apartments for older orphans that will meet the needs of children of all ages and demographics.

Children’s Village Ukraine
Children’s Village Ukraine


Layout of the completed village:
Phase 1 – 5 Family Homes @ $160,000 each + Permits, Blueprints and Site Work
Phase 2 – 1 Apartment Complex for Young Adult Orphans @ $416,000, Guest House @ $95,000
Phase 3 – 1 Apartment Complex and 6 Townhouses @ $60,000 each for Independent Living

Our organization is protected by an international, Kiev based NGO and is directed by an all Ukrainian team to ensure perpetuity in all circumstances.  The conflict in Ukraine has escalated the risk for these children and the need for more homes while providing greater opportunities for service at the same time. Blueprints, site maps, schematics and itemized estimates will be available as a business plan very shortly and will be available upon request. Send all inquiries to Shawn at:

You can make a difference and save orphans in Ukraine today. Donate here and designate your gift “Children’s Village Ukraine”: Prevent Human Trafficking in Ukraine



Prevent Human Trafficking in Ukraine
Prevent Human Trafficking in Ukraine



Shawn Sullivan

Don’t forget end of year giving through this super non profit organization to prevent human trafficking in Ukraine.