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Rescue 277 Prevents Human Trafficking

MANNA Freedom is dedicated to protecting children from becoming victims of human traffickers seeking to sexually exploit them and to raising awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of children both domestically and internationally.

At MANNA  we also recognize the health complications that can arise simply from a lack of footwear.  This is a totally preventable life-threatening situation.


Your team sells 277 pairs of MANNA shoes for a suggested donation of $20 a pair to family, friends, or coworkers. This is the perfect project for an individual, group or organization to join the fight against human trafficking.

MANNA will use the proceeds to fully support a Ukrainian orphan for one year in a Bridge to Life home.  These homes provide orphans with hope of a better tomorrow, rescues them from life on the street, and equips them for independent living.  Your partnership prevents human trafficking.

The 277 pairs of MANNA shoes you oryour group sells will be placed on the feet of children living in state orphanages in Ukraine.

Why 277?

Every two weeks an estimated 277+ girls under 18 are sold for commercial sexual exploitation (CSE).  Your participation will help us rescue more of these children.

The 277 is also derived from Psalm 27:7,  Hear my voice when I call, O Lord; be merciful to me and answer me.

These kids are crying out for someone to intervene.  You can answer their call and become the hand of compassion they need by simply getting involved.


277 pairs of these shoes sold at a suggested donation of $20 will house, feed and educate a post-graduate orphan in our Bridge To Life homes for a full year as well as provide footwear for 277 children at risk for foot borne disease. ($20 is a minimum suggested donation.  Many people want to give more than that.)

Let’s do this!

* You, your youth group, club, church or school commits to the fundraising campaign.

* Order a sample pair of shoes and a Rescue 277 Packet for each participant online.

*Set a time-frame for your campaign.  Set a goal to motivate your team.  For example: Sponsor 1 child for a year = 277 pairs, 2 children = 554 pairs, or set a team goal of 1000 pairs.

*Take satisfaction in meeting your goal and knowing you played a vital part in keeping a teenager from sex traffickers’ reach and providing shoes for 277 orphans!!

You can find more information about Rescue 277 and Shoe Unto Others here.

Watch these videos to help you get started:

Operation Freedom

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Mission Statement: Operation Freedom’s mission is to prevent the innocent from being exploited, pursue all means to end human trafficking, and to restore and empower victims.

Join the fight to help stop sex trafficking of young people.

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