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Purpose – information about human trafficking


MANNA Freedom is dedicated to the task of sharing information about human trafficking. Our ultimate purpose is to challenge human trafficking through information, prevention, and intervention.

Information: We want to raise the awareness of modern day slavery. The greatest threat to our cause is apathy. By educating the public about the horrors of human trafficking we speak up for the victims. When others hear the true stories of survivors and horrors of their experiences, they are impelled to get involved.

Prevention: Through the sharing of facts, statistics, and the latest news about the dangers of human trafficking we hope to build support for this cause. We want to start a grassroots campaign that encourages individuals to take action and spread the word about human trafficking. By training and educating individuals and empowering them to go out and do the same, we can share human trafficking information, survivor stories, and project needs with a greater number of people. With Friends Asking Friends Campaigns and projects like Rescue 277, we want to make involvement in the fight against modern slavery easy to do and simple to share with friends. The financial support this involvement generates will aid in the prevention of teens and children becoming victims of exploitation, both domestically and internationally.

Intervention: We provide real solutions to children who are at risk of being exploited through the provision of basic necessities. Our funding goes to build and support Bridge to Life Homes, feeding centers, and educational camps for orphaned children and teens in Eastern Europe. Teens that age out of the system are at extreme risk of being picked up by traffickers. These resources provide these teens with food, shelter, a family environment, education, and support in order for them to be successful in life. We hope to encourage deeper involvement in these projects through mission trips to Eastern Europe to see our Bridge to Life homes or help with camps for orphaned teens.


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