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Ukrainian Children are Targets for Human Traffickers



Orphans are easy prey for sex and slave traffickers.  According to Amnesty International, young women and girls, often vulnerable because of economic deprivation or for having already been physically abused, are easy targets. They dream of a better life, which the traffickers promise when they offer them ‘work’ in the West. Instead of getting a proper job, the women and girls find themselves trapped, enslaved, and forced into the sex industry.

Trafficked women and girls are exposed to a series of human rights abuses, including abduction, deprivation of liberty and denial of freedom of movement, torture and ill treatment, including psychological threats, beatings and rape. To escape their devastating life, suicide is unfortunately the only option some of these children feel is available to them.

Our model in Ukraine takes a whole life approach.  A three-tiered model has been developed to  nurture children in a Christian family environment, preparing them to be world changers.  Support and training at the institutional level (Komarivka, Kanev orphanages), rescue and prevention after graduation (SMILE HOUSE) and preparation for independent living (SAFE HAVEN) are all part of a comprehensive plan to give opportunities that otherwise would not exist.  This eliminates the possibility of traffickers gaining access to these young people.


Project Information

Located 2.5 hours NE of Kiev, Komarivka Internat is a state orphanage which is home to 160 children aged 5 to 16.  We have developed a relationship with the administration and children over the past 8 years providing for the children’s physical needs, from rebuilding bathrooms and showers, constructing a playground, purchasing coal to heat the facilities, among other projects.  The children’s spiritual needs are also addressed through a Character Training course and personal interaction.  Our heart’s desire is that some of these children will be enrolled in the SMILE  HOUSE program when they “age out” of the orphanage at 16.


Current Project:

Building a new medical clinic for the orphanage. This project will provide the orphanage children treatment rooms, isolation rooms for contagious diseases, dental facility,  and a rehabilitation area. We have already invested $135,000 in this building and still need $85,000 to complete the facility and $25-$30,000 to furnish with beds and medical equipment.  If you can give to help us finish this much needed clinic, any amount will be greatly appreciated. Orphanage life in Ukraine is difficult, help us make it better for the children.


This is an excerpt from one of the pages in the MANNA Freedom site.  We encourage you to explore the site to learn as much as possible about this problem and how you can be a part of the solution.  Contact us at:



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